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Ultra Education

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2017-10-27 - 2017-10-27
Loughborough University
We run a weekly mentoring session teaching kids entrepreneurship at the university. Kids spend time exploring what makes them smile, their passion and how they can turn that into a business. We have a step by step entrepreneur mentoring process for kids: PASSION – Show children and young people that they can do what they love and make money from it COMMERCIAL – How much will this cost and what profit can I make? RESEARCH – Find out what the competition are up to and how you can find your point of difference SELL – Selling online or offline? Choices, choices! Which is right for your young business?” CREATE – Is it a product or is it a service? What will help you to stand out! BE ULTRA – We use entrepreneurship as a vehicle to help our students become the best they can be. Anyone between 7-18 years old can attend with parents.