How to choose the right mentor

There are so many mentors and mentor programmes out there. Finding the right one for you can appear to be daunting task.

National Mentoring Day is here to help you focus on what is right for you

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Often it’s difficult to identify the right type of help because you’re just too involved in the day to day. You might be so close to the problem that you’re missing an obvious solution. When there are decisions to be made, sometimes it’s better to discuss it with someone who is not personally involved or emotionally invested but has walked the walk.

Use our survey to help find a dedicated mentor who is a perfect fit for you.

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You will be asked 37 questions about your needs, and we’ll provide you with practical advice to help you focus on just the right type of mentor for you.

After you’ve completed the test, be sure to work with one of our associates to implement the suggested changes.

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