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By taking part you can help celebrate mentoring and recognise the great work that mentors are doing across the World to create more awareness on the invaluable contribution that mentoring makes. The day encourages a worldwide celebration of events and networking to take place.

The relationship and role that a mentor plays has never been so important in today’s fast-paced and challenging times. Mentoring has long proved to play a vital role in supporting individuals, businesses, students, children and communities.

Plan your own

‘Mentoring Day’

event or activities

The annual day attracts widespread national and regional press and carries many high profile endorsements. This is a great opportunity to publicise what you do and showcase your organisations commitment to investing in people and supporting education, enterprise and society.

Free Resources include:

nmd emblemThank your mentor’ cards to recognise Mentors who’ve made a difference

nmd emblemSocial Media graphics, posters & banners to inspire, promote and encourage mentoring 

nmd emblemShare your mentoring success stories, tips and case studies to showcase the benefits of mentoring

nmd emblemDownload the ‘get involved guide’ to create your own event for National Mentoring Day

nmd emblemUse the National Day to highlight your own mentoring initiatives or projects and encourage more people to actively take up mentoring

Join in and help share the National Mentoring Day campaign on social media or in your newsletters, articles or blogs and together we can promote the power of mentoring and help make a difference.


Join in the celebrations and show your support for National Mentoring DAY on 27th October.

Plan your own local Mentoring event or activities in your town, company, university, community or school.
Join in and write articles, blogs or distribute information to create awareness about the positive effects of mentoring.

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Mentors are being asked to join in and mentor on the day and celebrate National Mentoring Day. You can share success stories, mentoring tips, and guidance. Connect with other mentors, mentees and work together to help make a difference.
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