Our goal is to make mentoring accessible to any individual, child, business or group that needs it, regardless of age, background or ethnicities. National Mentoring Day aims to educate, inspire, connect and support mentoring to effect positive change and elevate mentoring throughout the world.

We are asking everyone to commit one hour to mentor someone on 27th October. Everyone has skills and experience to share as a mentor. One word, one hour, one person can be all that’s needed to effect a positive change in someone.

National Mentoring Day Aims

  1. To acknowledge the work of mentoring initiatives around the world.
  2. To celebrate and recognise the global impact and benefits of mentoring
  3. To educate and encourage mentoring across all sectors of business, education, sport and society.
  4. To connect and inspire individuals to become a mentor or seek mentoring.
  5. To support mentors and mentees, providing free resources to do so.
  6. To promote professionalism and standards within the industry
  7. To provide a platform to showcase and recognise mentoring excellence



It is our belief that Mentoring should be accessible and available to any business, individual or group that needs it. National Mentoring Day will help make this happen. Get Involved and together we can make a difference.