Research has shown that 70% of small businesses that receive mentoring survive for five years or more, which is double the rate compared with non-mentored entrepreneurs.
Source: FSB

Of those with a mentor 97% say they are valuable, 55% believe mentoring can help them succeed, 60% look for experience in a mentor above anything else, but 85% currently do not have a mentor.

93% of small and medium sized businesses acknowledge that mentoring can help them to succeed.

Only 25% of small and medium sized businesses currently make use of business mentors.

A recent survey by the UK’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills found that 94% of SMEs using external support have seen benefits. These firms are more ambitious and have higher relative turnovers.

67% of businesses reported an increase in productivity due to mentoring.
Source: mentorsme

55% of businesses felt that mentoring had a positive impact on their PROFITS.
Source: mentorsme

Employees who received mentoring were promoted five times more often than those who didn’t have mentors.
Source: mentorsme

84% of CEO’s in formal mentoring programs said mentors had helped them avoid costly mistakes and become proficient in their roles.

71% of Fortune 500 companies use a mentoring program and 75% of executives credit their mentors.

89% of those who have been mentored go on to mentor others.

Everyone has life skills and experience to share as a mentor. One word, one hour can be all that’s needed to effect a positive change in someone.
Chelsey Baker

We all need help in this world. Mentoring gives a sense of purpose to both parties, it’s not only good for business but it’s also good for the soul!
National Mentoring Day

87 percent of mentors and mentees feel empowered by the relationship and reported greater confidence and career satisfaction.
Source: Forbes

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