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National Mentoring Day was founded in 2014 by Chelsey Baker, one of the UK’s most prominent business mentors with more than 20 years’ experience mentoring businesses, students, and entrepreneurs. She has worked closely with government projects as a lead mentor for Innovate UK and Start Up Loans. Chelsey is the recipient of notable awards that include the British Bankers’ Association’s – ‘Excellence in Enterprise Mentoring Award’ at BAFTA, ‘Influential Woman of the Year’ and “Outstanding Contribution to Society” through mentoring.

With a passion for mentoring and a background in marketing, television, publishing and PR, Chelsey wanted to shine a spotlight on the incredible mentoring initiatives that exist. By creating National Mentoring Day, Chelsey gave organisations a national voice, increased visibility, and the recognition they deserve – helping to inspire more people to take up mentoring.

Lord Young with Chelsey Baker
Inauguration of National Mentoring Day at the Houses of Parliament with Lord David Young
Chelsey Baker CEO and Founder National Mentoring Day


As the founder of National Mentoring Day and a mentor myself, I have been very fortunate to work with mentoring initiatives from every corner of the globe. I have found that what unites us all is the belief that mentoring changes lives and that everyone, across all ages and walks of life, can benefit from mentorship. It is clear mentoring works and, whether it be in the workplace, community or an educational setting, the need to support and nurture is evident. But, as that demand grows, so does the waiting lists.

As a nation, we need to embrace mentoring for all so that no one is left behind. We can only do this by utilising the skills and expertise of the population to bridge the gaps and disparities that, as a society, we are faced with. Everyone has life skills, knowledge, and experience to share as a mentor. One hour can be all that is needed to make a positive change and enrich someone’s life or positively affect their business.

If everyone worldwide, gives just one hour of their time on NATIONAL MENTORING DAY to mentor one person, the ripple effect will be huge, as so many people who have been mentored go on to mentor others. By helping raise just one individual it can impact a whole family, community, and leave a mentoring imprint for future generations.

If you haven’t done so already, I urge you to take up the call to mentor for a cause you believe in or a business sector, sport, or community you want to champion and support. Mentoring is needed now more than ever, and I guarantee that someone somewhere would greatly appreciate what you have to offer, just your presence and interest is often enough.

"Mentoring means ‘making a difference’ and this is exactly what National Mentoring Day is all about." Chelsey Baker, CEO and Founder of National Mentoring Day

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King Charles III being awarded for 'Outstanding Contribution to Mentoring' for the mentoring charity His Majesty founded
King Charles III being awarded for 'Outstanding Contribution to Mentoring' for the mentoring charity His Majesty founded
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